Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

Happy Pinterest Wednesday!! Although I found a ton of amazing pins this past week, here's what I picked for my  favorite pins:

What an awesome question to ask yourself...which also had me thinking for a few minutes on what exactly it was and when. So go ahead, ask yourself. And hey, if it's been awhile, every day is a new day for an adventure!

This gave me a case of the giggles...I'm definitely going to have to pull this on my sister one day, haha!

This lace dish is so beautiful that you'd never guess that the process is so simple...

These totally adorable a set, these would make a super cute gift!


I am going to tie ALL my packages like this from now on!

Gahhhh....this is SO smart! Thinking of this would have come in handy on all those trips with tangled earrings...

This is a future DIY project:


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