Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DwellStudio's New Wallpaper Patterns

DwellStudio just released nine new wallpaper patterns for the Fall season (omg. swoon.), and I'm seriously having a super difficult time picking my favorite! Take a look at all of the new patterns, and then see if one is perfect for a wall - or two - in your home.

See America, by Dish Towel

Mary Dearing Lazarus and I both share something in common: a passion for cleaning. So it’s not surprising that she helped start Caldrea, a company that makes Earth-conscious housekeeping products - which I love - and hired Luciana Consonni-Pellizzer, a friend, to work with her.

But cleaning isn’t the only thing the two are passionate about. They also share a love of something quirkier and less quotidian: retro souvenir dish towels. Quick fact: During the 1930s Americans collected souvenir textiles of places or landmarks that they had visited. Mary and Luciana put their heads together, deciding they're bringing back that tradition by combining updated designs with the high quality fabrics of the past.

In 2010, together they started a company called Vestiges. These fabulous dish towels are motifs, with state designs based on local flowers, landmarks, birds and food.

Mary and Lucy, partners in Vestiges towels.
And here's my lovely State of Michigan:
Twenty-eight states are now available, including Michigan, New York, Minnesota, Texas and Connecticut. Silk-screened on cotton, the towels are about $15 each. I definetly plan on buying a few of these! Click here to start shopping!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Artisan Spotlight: Scandinavian Made

Scandinavian Made is a webshop with a lovingly curated collection of handwoven ceramics, rugs, wall art and flatware. These beautiful pieces are handmade by the artisan herself/himself and are one of a kind. 

Scandinavian Made's mission - and passion - is to import truly beautiful and original works of art from a selection of carefully chosen artisans across Scandinavia, bringing their best selections to the shop and sharing these 
gorgeous pieces with their customers to enjoy in their home for a lifetime.

Due to the handcrafted nature of each one of their items, they only stocked 1-2 pieces of each item. So you should at least one of these future heirloom pieces - before they're no longer available!!

Founded by Scandinavian design passionistas and mother/daughter team Susan Serra and Kelly Serra Donovan, Scandinavian Made is yet another great niche shop I’ll be visiting often.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dreaming of the Country: Renovated Italian Farmhouse

After nearly eight years of renting a tiny apartment in the center of Asolo, in northern Italy, Guido Chiavelli and his wife, Sabrina, were ready to find a house outside of town and start a family. “Our dream was to go back to the countryside where we both grew up,” says Chiavelli, who runs his family’s clothing company, Il Gufo. 
“We want our children to experience close contact with nature. If you live in an urban area, you have a different kind of childhood.” 

When the new home was complete, the couple hosted a party to thank the 100 or more people who worked on the project. “It was a very emotional moment; we were all crying and congratulating each other, drinking prosecco and hugging,” Chiavelli recalls. “All the effort and hard work of these people, every day for two years, to give us such an extraordinary and special home—we are so proud, my God, that whatever it cost, that moment paid for it.”

To read more, click here!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Ain't that the truth! ;)

Artisan Spotlight: Michelle Armas

I stumbled across a print I saw of abstract artist Michelle Armas...and am totally head over heels in love with her work. I added 3 of her gorgeous paintings to my ever growing wish list. I reallllly can't wait until I can start my own art collection...I'm all ready day dreaming...sigh. I believe everyone should have at least 1 piece by the time they are 30. I mean, why the heck not? It's an instant face lift for a space, a great conversation starter, a way to bring color into your space...etc. Here's a great article on why you should buy and own art.

A little back story on Michelle: She started painting to cope with the stress of her career in the world of corporate branding, and eventually turned it into a full-time job. How awesome is that?? Michelle paints in acrylic and oil, large and small, abstract and sometimes portraits too. She is also available for custom pieces too (see her website for more details). Her pieces range from $20 to $2,000.

I love reading happy stories about finding your true passion, like Michelle's. It reminds me of a quote from designer extraordinaire Jessica Hische:

“The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.”

You can check out Michelle's blog here!

Stikwood: Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood products have seen an explosion in popularity as people become increasingly interested in giving old wood new life. From floors, to walls to art pieces, the uses are endless. So instead of thinking up yet another use for reclaimed wood, one company decided to come up with a new way to apply it. 

Stikwood has taken the installation of reclaimed wood to a whole nother level. The instructions are pretty easy: plan, peel and stick. Could it be any more simpler than that?! Even your DIY newbie could pull off this install - as long as the directions are followed!

So, whether you're in the mood for a new floor, or a reclaimed wood wall, stikwood has 11 different colors (1 more coming soon!) of of real wood that they’ve turned into finished paneling - corner trim included!

Here are some highlights of stikwood:
The pattern options available when installing stikwood are virtually endless. However, according to their site, there are two basic patterns. First, is the "Horizontal random plank" pattern is the most common. The pattern consists of stikwood planks installed end to end horizontal to the floor in random lengths. Second is the "Vertical random plank" pattern is an alternative that works in many decors. The pattern consists of stikwood planks installed end to end vertical to the floor.

Here's some of my favorite colors:

Reclaimed Weathered Wood
Black Cherry
Reclaimed Barrel Oak
Morning Mist

Click here to check out the site or to shop online! Enjoy!

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