Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Crazy Dog Lady

When I saw these adorably cute pet pods, I did a quick swoon to the simple, modern and sleek design. Hats off to whomever that is!! Ahhh...sigh. This is definitely a breath of fresh air, compared to all those old-plaid-stinky-I-hide-in-the-corner boring beds!

pEi Pods, a pet "habitat's" mimic a cave-like sanctuary, which I know how much my dog, Hunter, absolutely adores small, cozy, dark spaces (under my dresser, under the sofa & arm chair...). He would totally KILL for one!

...and this is the one I want to buy for Hunter. I am in love the mint color with the yellow polka-dot cushion. Adorable, isn't it?

Here's my little 10 pound Yorkie (who thinks he's an 80 pound alpha male lab, who loves outdoors) little stinker, who I love so very much!

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