Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Purple: No Longer Just For A Little Girls Bedroom

The color purple wears many hats. Purple is associated with royalty, nobility, creativity, magic and wisdom. The color is excellent for physical and mental healing, and in Feng Shui, the color is associated it with spiritual awareness. When purple is used a deeper hue, it adds drama to ordinary design, but it can just as easily soothe a space with a softer shade of lavender. From aubergine to amethyst, I love the color and shades of purple. This color can transform any space in surprising ways.

Check out some of my favorites for more inspiration:

I love the pop of the fuchsia chairs against the soft elegance of the warm wood tones, gold and mint.

Hands down, this has got to be one of my top favorites. The fact that the designer specified the millwork to be painted in such a vibrant, bright shade of magenta, set against the subdued backdrop of the library/study is fantastic. The rug helps to tie the color into the room, with the chairs upholstered in a simple fabric, as not to overwhelm. The curtains help to add some more visual interest by adding additional color and pattern into the space. I could totally curl up with a good book in here!

This space has such an ethereal, old world feeling. The lighting fixtures, combined with the distressed floors and white-washed brick walls, juxtaposed against modern side tables, lavender velvet upholstery and a circular piece of art creates a dreamy look.

Another one of my top favorites. The interior breathes fun: a crimson sofa, crystal chandelier and pink tables. I love the exposed floor trusses and wooden beams. 

Candida Hofer’s enormous portrait of a palace in Portugal takes center stage, anchoring this design. Magenta seems to vibrate against dramatic blues. The bright magenta may seem a but too much for some, but by offsetting the color with a backdrop of silvers, grays, blues and whites, the color remains reined in.

Bringing color into your space doesn't always mean by paint! In this vignette, the large-scale piece of art brings in more color than a gallon of paint does. Very artful and intriguing - and a great conversation piece!
The gold and vibrant purple creates drama in this space. For me, this purple + gold pairing is just oozing an eclectic, old world, Moroccan feel.

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