Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Going for The Gold

All the world’s best athletes are all going for the gold in the 2012 London summer Olympic games - and so should you! From jewelry to home accessories and decor, gold has been the epitome of luxury, class and decadence for thousands of years, as cultures (i.e. Egyptians, who considered the metal indestructible and divine) from all corners of the globe have embraced the precious metal. 

Brass and gold accents in home decor were very common in both Neoclassical interiors of the 1700′s (one of my favorite periods) and Art Deco style during the 1900′s. Brass was also popular interior design choice during the 1980′s and most people would associate the material with traditional and dated interior. Which was me. I had a very strong opposition to gold and brass...I totally stereotyped it. I didn't start liking the metals until about last year...shocker, I know. Now? I love, love, love touches of gold and brass throughout a room.

Thinking that gold and brass means dated is the way of the past. Brass and gold accents are making a comeback and are super trendy and modern. Mixing of modern furniture with vintage brass pieces, such as lamps, wall decor, mirrors and small figurines can create an eclectic and glamorous space.

Here's some of my favorites that make me drool, check 'em out!

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