Friday, August 3, 2012

What Is It?

Do you know? Can you guess? Hint: it's not a torture device, nor a strange sort of beverage holder. Designed by Carl Mertens, who has designed all manner of fabulous steel accessories: cutlery, food, drink, cooking and living. This "thing" measures about 5" x 3" (inches).

Do you know now? Answer below.

It’s a candle snuffer, or, to be more specific, a candle extinguisher. That's right, an extinguisher, not a  snuffer. Why? Is what you're probably thinking, just like me. It's called an extinguisher because "a candle snuffer automatically cools the wick as it douses the flame, preventing smoke from developing and ensuring no wax is spilled". My problem with snuffers - and probably others - is they look like they came from some old school colonial shop circa 1813. It’s definitely a 360 from the old fashioned version, which are less than desirable.

The added bonus is you get the pleasure of correcting anyone that called it a mere candle snuffer: "It’s a candle extinguisher, darling."

Material: Steel
Dimensions: 4.7″ x 2.8″
Buy me:  At Carl Mertens Store or at The Shop

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