Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Introducing: Doodle Home

Last week, I eagerly accepted the invitation from my fabulous mentor, Marla, to attend an introductory presentation and lunch for a new-er company, Doodle Home. Launched in May of 2011, Doodle Home is located in downtown Detroit at the M@dison, formally known as the old Madison Theatre Building.

The beautiful, newly renovated M@dison Building, located adjacent to the Detroit Opera
House and Grand Circus Park. Photograph courtesy of Bedrock Real Estate.
Let me be the first to tell you, Doodle Home will revolutionize the interior design industry for the 21st century. I was absolutely delighted to have attended, meet some of the awesome team, and to finally have a better understanding of what Doodle Home is all about.

I can tell you this, they are more than just a web site; it is an interior design destination, providing its members – the design community, manufacturers and consumers – with a new online tool offering design inspiration, advice and resources, as well as the ability to purchase home furnishings. Manufacturers will be able to showcase their brands and be exposed to new customers, while design professionals will gain national visibility by being featured on their site. The main idea? To revolutionize the interior design space and make it more efficient, and in doing so, expand the entire system of designers, clients and manufacturers. 

“Through interactive and immersive technology, Doodle Home will forever change the interior design industry by providing innovative ways to create distinct, beautiful spaces.” - Fernando Prieto, President of Doodle Home.

Lunch was catered by Holiday Market and held at the state-of-the-art 'industrial chic' event space that tops this amazing building renovation. The view - and design - was to die for! I don't even think that you can get this view from any other rooftop nearby. This building, full of dynamic entrepreneurial companies, encourages their employees to utilize the space - meaning yes, take your work and laptop with you! This is amazing rooftop (and floor below) has a commercial kitchen and bar, which makes it perfect for memorable business gatherings, weddings and other parties/events.

One side of the spectacular view

Doodle Home invites designers, manufacturers and consumers to join their online community, where they offer:
  • Free membership 
  • The ability to search, discover and purchase from a finely curated selection of luxury home furnishings
  • Interactive design tools and resources to create unique, personal spaces
  • Doodle Home’s Style Finder, to identify personal design style
  • Inspiration from its "Look Book" of beautiful, professionally designed spaces
  • Doodle Home’s "Color Finder", allowing members to use inspirational images to create a customized color palette
  • Advice from professional interior designers
  • Ability to connect with design professionals
Here's a link for all my fellow designers to check out the Designer benefits of joining. What more can I say? Sign me up! 

To learn more, check out their website: www.DoodleHome.com.


David Goldschmidt said...

Kate, we were so happy to host you today at Doodle Home! Thank you for your valuable feedback on our upcoming site launch. We're changing the world of design and we're excited to have you join us. We look forward to working together.

Kate Kelly said...

Thank you for having me, David! It was a blast learning about Doodle Home and what it's all about. It was great meeting everyone and I look forward to continuing our profesional relationship! :)

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