Friday, July 27, 2012

Stikwood: Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood products have seen an explosion in popularity as people become increasingly interested in giving old wood new life. From floors, to walls to art pieces, the uses are endless. So instead of thinking up yet another use for reclaimed wood, one company decided to come up with a new way to apply it. 

Stikwood has taken the installation of reclaimed wood to a whole nother level. The instructions are pretty easy: plan, peel and stick. Could it be any more simpler than that?! Even your DIY newbie could pull off this install - as long as the directions are followed!

So, whether you're in the mood for a new floor, or a reclaimed wood wall, stikwood has 11 different colors (1 more coming soon!) of of real wood that they’ve turned into finished paneling - corner trim included!

Here are some highlights of stikwood:
The pattern options available when installing stikwood are virtually endless. However, according to their site, there are two basic patterns. First, is the "Horizontal random plank" pattern is the most common. The pattern consists of stikwood planks installed end to end horizontal to the floor in random lengths. Second is the "Vertical random plank" pattern is an alternative that works in many decors. The pattern consists of stikwood planks installed end to end vertical to the floor.

Here's some of my favorite colors:

Reclaimed Weathered Wood
Black Cherry
Reclaimed Barrel Oak
Morning Mist

Click here to check out the site or to shop online! Enjoy!


reclaimed wood flooring said...

it seems a nice,,,,,,,,,..........thanks!

Timberflooring said...

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