Thursday, July 12, 2012

Amazing House Built Across a River

Nestled in the heart of Three Rivers, California, right near the entrance to Sequoia National Park, rests a house that was built -  right over a river!! How totally awesome is that?! Lets hear swoon!

Kaweah Falls was originally designed in 1947 by architect Frank Robert, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright.When the second homeowners moved in, they decided it was time for some remodeling. So, they decided to add an addition to the home - which floats right over the river bank. Uhh, can you say genius?

The interior features some amazing design features. My favorite is that as you're having a glass of wine at the bar in the kitchen, why not watch some rainbow trout swim by - through the glass floor? Also, there's a footbridge over the river that leads to a private deck on the other side, where one can easily enjoy everything the outdoors has to offer. My only question is this...when can I move in???!

This house is up for grabs...for a sweet $2 million. 

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