Sunday, July 1, 2012

Deep Breath...Now JUMP!

So, I’ve got a logo, business cards and a BIG dream that this little venture will grow into a career for me. Fingers crossed! With my new Bachelors degree in hand, I'm ready to go to a place in my life where I can take the skills I’ve learned from various jobs and internships I've had, and focus on the parts of them that made me feel inspired and alive…and do it all on my own. Exhale. So, here I am. If you have a space that needs a tad sprucing up, or a dinner party that needs a little something extra special, you know where to find me.

My approach to styling is this: I feel that a home should embody the people who live within. And most of all, it should be fun. The days of one style or one period are long gone; no person is single layered, and so neither should a house be. Rather, it should be a symphony of notes creating an entire emotional response that is at once beautiful, as it is heartfelt. 

I love mixing styles and periods, using repeating themes to capture the true nature of my client, whether a modern hipster with coveted china plate collection or a classic beauty with a dash of sex appeal, my ultimate goal for a client is for them to walk into their new space, and never want to leave.

I want everyone to have a home they want to show off, not just the homes that come with the big checkbooks. Please pass this blog along, shoot me an e-mail, and hopefully, someday, look for me gracing those glossy pages of Elle Decor.

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