Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Florentine Kitchen Knives

Hello there, dream knives. I think these knives are absolutely gorgeous, and would make an awesome addition to my kitchen (hint hint, Santa!). Oh, and the best part? They’re striped!! These beautiful Florentine Kitchen Knives are the work of Tomer Botner, an industrial designer from Tel Aviv, Israel. Named after his neighborhood, Florentine Kitchen Knives are made from the collaboration of different craftsman, local suppliers and designers.

BONUS: Each knife can be adjusted to its future owner. Tomer’s knifes are actually made of stacked discs. The stacking technique is used to control the weight and balance of each knife, so the user can add or subtract to control the weight. This creates a unique pattern on every knife’s handle. Because I have small, girly hands, I love the fact that I can adjust them to fit me comfortably.

The designer, Tomer Botner.

These aren’t for sale yet, but Tomer is hoping to get the project out there in the blogosphere, so anyone interested in funding this project can help with the production. The entire process was documented on a blog called « The Making of Florentine Kitchen Knives. Check it out!


Kitchens Bespoke said...

Great in a wet or corrosive environment as it did not fall apart. Very tough, but it did not hold an edge well. By adding carbon to the mix it would hold an edge fairly well but not as good as a straight high carbon steel.

HealthTips said...

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