Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

Happy Pinterest Wednesday!

So...I'm getting the itch to DIY. I want to paint/sand/bead something! I'm thinking of a wreath, since Fall's officially started and it's time to retire the one I made for summer...and I fell in love with this one (for the back door):

Then of course I go on Pinterest, and I see even more super awesome ideas (why didn't I think of that?!) that got my creative juices flowing...

How gorgeous is this tufted headboard? I could die I love it so much! It's such a gorgeous shade of blue, too....swoon.


These Pottery Barn Labrador bookends...

...can be made with wood blocks, 2 plastic dog toys, glue and spray paint. Ah-mazing.

How about these pretty gold tube bracelets? It even comes with the tutorial:


Easy to make snow globes (Carl's Aunt made me one of these Anthropology inspired globes las Christmas):


I'm loving this re-fabbed dresser!


How adorable is this Halloween wreath? This will be a project this weekend!


Errr....maybe this one instead: 

Such an great, pretty way of displaying flowers in the fall:


This DIY-er is right, few things smell better than coconut and roses:

Looks like I've got myself a couple of projects this weekend, and I couldn't be any happier!! :)

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