Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Randomness :)

I have never been good at keeping a consistent to do list - at least not down on paper or in some digital form. Sure I put appointments + reminders + notes in my iPhone Calendar, but other than that I write these hysterical lists on scraps of paper (Find headphones!!!! Call the freaking eye doctor!!!! Go to Home Depot for xxxx!!!!!) which I then lose (god only knows where) and become more hysterical. I need me some Martha Stewart organizational skills considering how much I have going on right now. And no matter how many fancy-schmancy technology tools there are, I’ve always needed to write it physically down or else I feel like it doesn’t become imprinted in my brain. Seriously, I live off post-its.

Enter the friggin’ adorable May Books! Pick your cover, your monogram or title and the type of pages inside: graph/lines/calendar/diary, and there you have it. They aren’t pricey - $26 with shipping. Mine brand spankin new planner came in this afternoon, isn't it the cutest?!

Later, we made a trip to Petco to get Hunter a couple things. Of course, it's also football Saturday and our team (the Michigan Wolverines, of course!) are playing, so how could I resist this adorable jersey?! Now Hunter is officially ready for the game, lookin handsome as ever! GO BLUE!!

I'm ready for the game, Mom!

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